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JAKMARK is a patent annuities and trademark service provider in Indonesia which found and directed by Professional IP attorneys. We bring solution to you for earning more benefits by cooperating with us, start from our lowest price with professional services you deserve and many more. Also, if your client has limitation in budget we always open to discuss our professional charges.

Why with us?

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JAKMARK is found by Experienced Attorney also handled by profesional people with high qualification


Our professional team always ready to assist you anytime. for providing you any Intellectual Property information in Indonesia.


Our Team filled by responsible and communicative team that will always ready to help you.

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We realize that we are a big family in one world. That's why we always obligate our selves to serve all of you with warm heart such we serving our own family. We serve any Intellectual Property matters in Indonesia, such below.


Whether you are a decision maker in a sizable enterprise with an established patent portfolio, operate a small or medium sized business that for the first time needs to protect a new product idea or are an independent inventor who has discovered a new way to solve an old problem, we are here to give you and your inventions the personal attention that you and they both deserve.

Our law firm has served the patent needs of businesses and individuals throughout Southeast Asia, and from many other states as well as numerous countries around the world, for over many years. We would be pleased to have you also consider our patent services.


Your business’s trademarks are its identity. Whether that business is a large company with many well-known brands or a start-up enterprise looking to take its place in commerce with a first trademark for the business’ name, vigilant protection of your business’ commercial identity is critical for continued success.

Our law firm has served the trademark needs of businesses and individuals throughout Southeast Asia, and from many other states as well as numerous countries around the world, and our trademark clients range from decades old businesses with over a hundred trademarks to individuals using a single trademark to successfully sell a product or offer a service from their home. We would be happy to work with your business as well.


Whether you run a business undertaking a new media campaign or contracting for a software or website development or are a part-time singer and songwriter looking to put out your first album, it is essential that you take the right steps at the right time to ensure your ownership and full protection of the copyrights to creative works.

Our copyright clients include authors, musicians, playwrights, sculptors and artists of all types, as well as many businesses who employ the talents of such creative people or otherwise make commercial use of their creative works. We are available to assist you too with your copyright issues.

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